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Posted by CandySweetssJr - 2 days ago

Every year we perched together in the eve

We were barely alike, like the leaves

of a young pine and an elder oak

shedding before winter, bitter and foul

A timid crow against an eagle-owl


Admired your feathers, gold and grey, flowing

around your chiseled figure, years of soaring

over rivers and valleys from which greenery

flourishes. Yet my feathers, incandescent creation

were drenched in darkest ashes and procrastination.


Both birds, but of different races who

could not even speak to each other. “Uhoo,”

you’d say. “Uhoo,” while I hopped away

Yet, I recall those quiet nights

under your seraphic wings, a noble knight.


Heineken beers and greasy chicken, poker cards

Earth-bound Cassiopeia, plasma shards

infinitesimal moments

We settled down for one more July eve

gold and grey feathers falling like leaves


You glanced curiously at my sketches

autumn eyes wanting to discover new riches

“Uhoo.” You wanted to see some drawings

The fool I was, hid from you with no words

not knowing winter would come early afterwards


“Uhoo”, you muttered. Suddenly you would fly,

drifting away, not even a whisper




Posted by CandySweetssJr - 3 days ago

Ravaging licks

White ash soars, litters my shirt

Warmth hurts


Posted by CandySweetssJr - 9 days ago

thumb scrolls, driving fast

white feeds and endless highway

can’t remember days


thumb scrolls, driving wind

brings smog and sore eyes, stinging

unhealthy for me


one glance, quick flashes

brakes screech, wheel turns, grassy ditch

where can I find rest?


star leaves catch my eye

thousands thrive, ocean blue shade

each leaf becomes more


far from the city

Solomon leaves live happy

times contemplating


(this is a poem I've worked on in class; pretty happy with it :) )


Posted by CandySweetssJr - 2 weeks ago

Even, who doesn't like em

Odd, bothers and boggles the mind

Why can't odd be like even?

Switch it around, even is wierd

Too perfect, coincidental

Why can't even be like odd?


Posted by CandySweetssJr - 2 weeks ago

Smile for a new day

Smile for a new night

Smile for a cherished moment

Smile for a passing thought

Smile for a friend

Smile for a foe

Smile for those gone

Smile for those here

Smile when you truthfully need it,

__and sometimes when you don't.

Posted by CandySweetssJr - 2 weeks ago

Words can be sharp yet soft

__concise yet vague

__lively and yet dead.

Words can warm you

__in a cuddly embrace

__or pierce the heart

__an unfaltering bullet.

Words can die in a day

__or be etched forever in the mind.

Words can be whispers

__or shouts on the rooftop

__break the silence

__or begin the storm.

Words can be the sower's needle

__weaving the social place

__or a candle in a dark library

__enlightening the mind.

My words?

I just stutter a lot, lmao.

Posted by CandySweetssJr - 2 weeks ago







school is a little more than writing notes

and seeing pages fill to the brim

with hieroglyphics

need someone to help trim

__my busy work with fun.


Posted by CandySweetssJr - 1 month ago

blue and white swirls

like a cinnamon bun


in the sky above

as wind heaves and shoves

the clouds in their loftiness

Posted by CandySweetssJr - 1 month ago

Cool sensation, throat

quenched, everflowing spring

mind clearing, sunny

Posted by CandySweetssJr - 1 month ago

painful, moving, calm

endless air, waves, losing warmth

cannot capture it