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It's just satisfying to watch, and smooth!

I liked how the audio lined up well with the movement of the people. I also enjoyed the small details, such as the red guy smiling for a couple frames.

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Was really fun! Slow to play though; but liked to explore and move around the strange fractal landscape :).

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Definitely felt the quick part; enjoyed it :)

I like the playfulness of the music box. Could definitely imagine a wind-up toy with a moving carousel.

One thing you could improve on would be the bass notes. They sound very muddy especially when trying to play the same thing as the lead music box. Less occasional low boops would help clear up the sound while still allowing the bass to support the melody.

It would also be cool if you could randomize, within a certain scale/set of notes, what the music box is playing, like using a modular system. Maybe an idea you could look into. Great work :).

ChibiWilli responds:

Thanks so much for the feedback, I'll try to take note of this for future tracks! I hope you continue to enjoy my work as time goes on!~

It travels from the low boops, to a quiet place, to a glittering field. Great work :)

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I think you did great work, just using gouache for the 1st time. The flower is vibrant and I like the colors of the yellow with the blue. It's rough on the edges, but that itself I kinda like as well :). Don't know if I'm just biased for painted things though, and I definitely don't know much about gouache.

It almost has a holographic look to it. Great work :)

What were you inspired by?

unibrawn responds:

A quick shot in the film Mikey and Nicky, these were background characters in a scene that I wanted to practice painting

Want to commission some art? Collaborations? You can contact me via PM or @ csj.artist@gmail.com
Hello! I post digital/traditional art. My main thing is character design and experimentation.
Current Project: Entry Series - 63/300 unique characters!

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